Using the signals generated from a Forex signal service is a great way to make extra money, increase your wealth or replace your current income. However, the journey from beginner Forex trader to profitable trader does not always end with profits, even if you use a Forex signal service. I want to discuss three stages most people go through on their way to being a successful Forex trader. (This information can help you get to the final stage if you have not yet been successful trading Forex).

STAGE 1: The Dream Of Easy Riches Using Forex Signals

Obviously, we are interested in trading Forex for the vast amount of money that can be generated. We have all dreamed of making more money and all the changes to our lives because of it. Dreams of bigger houses, nicer cars, expensive vacations or simply getting all the month’s bills paid without worry is what got us interested in Forex to begin with . And there are plenty of marketers out there convincing us we can achieve our dreams without learning or spending a lot of money.

You are never going to make any money trading Forex by just dreaming about it. You actually have to place some trades! This leads you to enter stage two of your journey (the part with the most pitfalls).

STAGE 2: You Want Someone Else To Have All The Responsibility

You decide you need to find something or someone to do the heavy lifting for you instead of learning Forex trading on your own. Many Forex signal services claim they will send you BUY and SELL signals and you just have to place the trades to make a fortune. But in practice, it is never as easy as it seems. And while the dream of riches never dies, you never seem to get to where you want to be. You are sure you just need to find the “right” Forex signals service to start making money!

On a deeper level, you are really trying to avoid any responsibility for your failure or success. If the system or service fails to produce the profits you seek, it was the system or service that failed (not you). You blame the Forex signal service for your failure, and then go searching for a different one.

Unfortunately, most people trying to make money trading Forex get stuck in this stage.   They endlessly jump from one service to another without end. They usually continue wasting time and money like this until they finally give up. They feel defeated, frustrated and have a lot less money than when they started. (You do not want to be one of the people that end like this).

Now I want to tell you about the next stage, (which few budding traders reach), and show you what you need to do to finally succeed trading Forex.

STAGE 3: You Acknowledge You Need Help – But Accept Responsibility For Your Success (Or Failure)

Few traders realize that using a Forex signals service does not mean you exempt from the responsibility of your success. The signal service should be looked at as a tool, but how you use it is what results in success. You really do need to learn something about Forex trading as well as using the signals themselves.

Don’t be silly an try to learn something like Forex all on your own. The best way to learn is to be mentored by an ALREADY successful Forex trader who is willing to teach you. You need to learn, and someone to show you the ropes. But in the end, it is how well you learn and apply what you learn that determines your success or failure.

I think it is obvious, you need more than BUY and SELL signals to be a profitable Forex trader. You need the training and mentoring which enables you to trade the signals successfully. Obviously, you need a real trader with real experience to be your mentor.

If you are in stage 1 and only dreaming about the riches you can make trading Forex, that’s ok, keep dreaming. But dreaming without ACTION is never going to get you anywhere! You are going to have to actually place trades if you want to see profits.

If you are stuck in stage 2 (like most traders), you need to stop jumping from one program to another. You need to get the right training and mentoring combined with signals to finally reach your goals. Then you need to dedicate yourselves by taking responsibility for your success and failure. When you take responsibility, you’ll find you find ways to trade the signals more profitably and end up making your dreams come true.

Look at it like this…

Having a Fork Lift (the Forex signals), without knowing how to use it (the training and mentoring only a REAL Forex trader can give), is not going to get the job done. You need BOTH the high-quality Forex signals and the training and mentoring if you want to succeed at Forex trading. The signals themselves do the heavy lifting, but it is your knowledge and actions that allow you to trade the signals successfully.

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