Trend line trading is part of many trading techniques and forex systems. Trend line is used to indicate how price has trended in the past and most important to predict movements in the future.

One of the most commonly accepted principles of technical analysis states that the trend once established, has greater odds of continuing than of reversing. Then the most profitable, lowest risk opportunities will come by trading retracement style set-ups in the direction of a confirmed prevailing trend.

On the other hand, a trend cannot persist forever, as such, downtrend evolved over time into up-trends, and then mature up-trends must devolve again into down-trends as the market cycle continues throughout history.

Informational Guide to Advanced Forex Trend Line Trading in Meta-Trader 4

There are many different kinds of trend lines

Trend lines can be horizontal or vertical and anywhere in between. Generally, a trend line is drawn with a slope to mark even the most modest uptrend or downtrend in the market. Horizontal trend lines are also very popular for showing support and resistance lines at a common price point. It is fairly common that the market can trade wildly around a common price point and do it even over the course of time. “Round” numbers such as $100.00 or $10.00 are more likely to be a place for a horizontal support or resistance because traders like to use round numbers as entry and exit points.

How Do You Profit From Trend Line Trading?

There are two methods to trade a trend. In trend line trading, the first method is to anticipate that price will touch the trend line and make a rebound, and market move in the prevailing direction of the trend again.

You will open a position in the direction of the possible reversal with a stop above where you think the turning point will occur. Don’t place this order until the reversal has happened. The setting of the stop-loss must fit within your risk management plan.

The second outcome you will see in trend line trading is when price breaks the trend line and this term is usually called trend line break. Trading trend line break is a popular strategy in forex trading.

When the market ignores the trend line and breaks beyond with great strength then a change in the original trend would have occurred. Now, the trader opens a position in the direction of the new trend and sets his stop-loss behind the proceeding trend line. The stop-loss must also fit within his risk management plan.

The problem with trend line trading is that it is time consuming and trend line trading requires constant monitoring of the markets during active forex trading hours. That means that this style of trading is not suitable for part-time traders who have a day job.

Not to worry, we have found a great tool which makes trend line trading possible for even the part-time traders as 15 minutes a day is more than enough to set up at the popular Meta-Trader 4 forex platform to trade trend line system. Forex traders can now set up and leave the remaining work to be carried out by the software while he can perform other daily work. At the end of trading day, the trader will review how his/her trading system performed for the day.

Trend Line Trading Summary

Using this kind of effective and time-saving Meta-Trader 4 trend line trading tool allows for minimum emotions and stress during the active trading hoursĀ  and free up the traders time so that he can concentrate on doing the more important things in his life.

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